Custom Bowling Jerseys

Bring your ideas to life.

Have a great idea for a shirt design that you just cant find anywhere to buy?  Want a new and unique jersey for your team?  We are ready to help.

There is no minimum order requirement for even a fully custom designed jersey, and you won't need to pay an arm and a leg for one either!

As a starting point, we like to talk to you about your general ideas and tailor those into a jersey design

How much will it cost?

For one fully customised design to your specifications, you will pay just 64.95* with free shipping in North America. For additional jerseys of the same design the price drops, see below!

1-10 Custom Bowling Jerseys - $64.95

11-20 Custom Bowling Jerseys - $59.95

21-40 Custom Bowling Jerseys - $54.95

41-50 Custom Bowling Jerseys - $50.95

51 + Jerseys - No Custom Design Fees

*The prices do not include license fees (Brand Logos). An additional amount of $10-12 per jersey will be applied if brand logos are added.

Initially, you need only pay a $25 deposit to begin work on the design.

You can pay your deposit here.

How long will it take? 

Once you pay your deposit we will contact you by email within 24 hours to start the design process. We will then provide design proofs for you within 1-3 days and once proofs are approved, you will be invoiced for payment and the jerseys added to our production schedule. Production will typically take approximately 21-28 days depending on the time of year, and shipping will take approx. 5-7 business days with standard shipping and 3-4 days with Express shipping. We recommend that you allow around 6 weeks for the full process.

What isn't possible? 

While we make every effort to turn your desired jersey into a reality, there are limitations. Our designers can create original designs and patterns, but not "art". For any artwork you would like incorporated into a design, or a specific design or pattern, we would ask that you provide it to us in high resolution jpg format or Vector format. We do offer a logo design service at a small additional cost dependent on the logo complexity. 

Want to see some examples? 

Check our some awesome custom examples here or visit out our Facebook page which has loads of examples of jerseys we have made for teams and individuals all over the world!

Licensed images and logos 

We have licensing agreements with all the best brands in bowling whose logos you are able to use, however we cannot use images or names of any brand, cartoon character etc without written permission from the owner or company. 

Ready to get started? 

Before we get to work on your custom jersey, we require a $25.00 deposit. Following payment we will contact you by email to start on the design! 

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